ANIMALSSperone Westwater
8 May 2008 -- 21 June 2008


In "ANIMALS", Sachs continues to explore his signature appropriation of popular consumer objects, iconography, and signage. Logos, such as Spyderco, Bösendorfer, and Raytheon, along with images of the U.S. dollar bill, are boldly inserted into his paintings and sculptures. In "Assaulting" (2007), a punitive warning is transformed into a formal composition. Also on view are a number of white foamcore “paintings” reconstituted from smashed models of the popular animated characters Hello Kitty, Miffy, and My Melody.

A number of handmade yet operable machines have also been placed throughout the show. Some, such as a functional plywood piano and several lamps, are clearly related to commonly used and already existing devices. Other contraptions, however, are truly of the artist’s own invention. In "LaGuardia" (2006-2007), Sachs has built a cat tower equipped to serve its feline master for all necessary functions, such as feeding and litter box cleanup. In "Waffle Bike" (2007), Sachs has manufactured a waffle-maker-bicycle, which includes components to hold ingredients like Pam cooking spray, whipped cream, and lingonberry jam.

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